I cannot decide!!!!!

I am usually pretty decisive ... able to make rational decisions on the spot. Even if sometimes, the decision proves to be a wrong one, I would have no regrets since I have made my choice.

However, now , I cannot decide! And I MUST decide!

We are going to KL next weekend. Husby has settled the coach there and the flight back. I am supposed to take care of accomodation.

But I bloody cannot decide! I am super torn between Berjaya Times Square Hotel and Melia Hotel .

How do you decide when both are of the same rating , just opposite each other and rooms look good (at least in pictures I found on the Internet)???

The good thing abt Berjaya is that it is situated above a shopping mall. This makes easy accessibility should I have the sudden urge to continue shopping at night , or miss out on some toiletries. Furthermore, our coach will be dropping us off at Berjaya itself... Since we will be reaching there in the wee hours, it is definitely most convenient for us to just place our luggage there and then explore the city before the 'normal' people wake up. It is also linked to the train station (somehow) ..and thus, makes it easier to travel elsewhere. And the rooms look fantastic!

But I always have wanted to go back to Melia. I was there once , for a sneak preview. My family stayed there during our last KL trip whereas I had to make my way home for some school matters the next day (Screw you , ex-workplace! :P) ..I remember I really liked the setting , the bed , how close it is to the shopping district..... But that was back in 2006. Maybe it is no longer as nice? But the pictures look good still!Oh , although it has the same 4-star ratings as Berjaya , it is cheaper! I can get the best room for just about $10 more than a basic room at Berjaya.

So ...help? I need to make a decision fast and book tonight!!!!!!