Ok , following my previous entry.

I went for a quick lunch after that entry , with the husby. His wallet was with me , plus he claimed he missed me, so we had lunch somewhere nearby my workplace.

I poured out my woes and confusion about my indecisiveness. Husby was quite cute lah . He asked," Which one has a bathtub?" with a naughty twinkle in his eye.

Heh. The minute I reached my workstation , I googled to find info if Melia rooms have bathtubs. If they do, I'll go for Melia. And... Yes , they do! I decided to book for the so-called 'best' room at The Level. I have no idea why since we probably would not spend much time in the room - I want to shop day , afternoon, night!- but somehow I was taken in by their persuasive adverts. LOL . 

So here's the deal : 

Melia Hotel, KL 4* 
The Level Room  @ RM 391 / SGD$163 per night
Exclusive and express check-in at The Level Lounge
Special Breakfast at The Level Lounge
All-Day Refreshments (fruits, cookies, aerated drinks, freshly brewed coffee, assorted flavoured teas, juices)
Evening cocktail and finger food at The Level (entitled to bring 1 extra guest - who wants?)
Special Turn down service (I seriously have no idea what this is!)
Special Take home gift
Complimentary Video on Demand, Carpark and Internet Excess in the room .

Of course, all these on top of the standard hotel facilities.

I want to put up some pics but the photos are copyrighted so here's the link for more info:

So now you see how I got taken in !

It'd better be good ah! I'll definitely update and give my reviews after the trip.

The funny thing that happened next was that after I have received my voucher through email,I realised that I actually booked for only one person. GOsh! All that for just one???? I quickly emailed back to rectify the mistake, praying that they would not charge me the extra RM65 for amendments (as claimed on the website). I received a reply almost instantly and yep, no extra charge! Gd feeling now....

The only thing left to plan would be what clothes to bring and what to do when we reach KL at 4:30 am!


Anonymous said...

Oh , Melia is good! Great choice you made there.