ANGSANA BINTAN RESORT - A weekend of Bliss!

And so , off we went to Bintan!

The last time I went to Bintan was in 2005. That was with my sister and bestie . We stayed at the backpackers' lodge - Mana Mana Resort - and did lots of water activities. It was really fun.

However, I was in great anticipation for this trip as it was with my crazy other half a.k.a soulmate. :)

We had an early ferry and reached ANGSANA BINTAN RESORT at about 11:30 am. Obviously that was too early for a check-in .

This was where they handled the logistics and paperwork for our check-in. I had no idea why but I felt peaceful already in this small room... it must have been the aromatherapy scents and soft Indonesian music.

Since we had time to spare, we decided to tour around the place before having our lunch at Lotus Cafe.

The sandy beach - just like on a postcard

Friendly companion?

Lotus Cafe

I must say that these Indonesians have totally great manners and hospitality. Just like the time when we went to Bali, we could really feel the sincerity in their greetings and smiles! Not some fake-and-forced-to types that we sometimes get here. Every single worker at the resort - be it the manager, receptionist, garderner, bellboy, butler, waiter, cleaner etc - greeted us with their biggest smile and sweetest voice whenever they saw us, and wished us a great stay at the resort. How's that for service with a smile? I think they really believe in their job, which is to make hotel guests as comfortable as possible. In my opinion, they score a perfect 100% for that!

We finally managed to check in at 2 pm. Yeah!

 Our One-Bedroom Suite


Totally unused!Well, we might have if we had stayed longer.

Entrance to the bedroom.

Bright orange bathrobes...we looked a bit
 funny in them though.

And they are environmental friendly! Bonus points!

Since our aim for this getaway was to laze around , that was exactly what we did!

The first thing we did was to book our spa appointment. We had a difficult time deciding on the treatments that we wanted as there were sooooooo many to choose from. A little on the expensive side though... and it was made worse that everything was in USD. BUT, everything was seriously worth it!


We could choose which scent we wanted for our noses :)
I have been to some pretty good spas in SG but I honestly feel that Angsana Spa beats them all. It could just be me on a holiday mode though ... the therapist really managed to ease away all the tensions in my body  with her soft yet firm hands. And she was very skinny some more - where did she get all the strength ??!!! At the end of my 3-hr session , I felt sooooooo good..... as if I could continue with work now with no complaints... (yah, right! I don't want to work ah... )....

The other places that we hang out at ......

Seafood dinner by the sea



We were there by 7:30 am the next morning. Haha!


See that huge boulder? That is an indication that we are not to go beyond that point. Why, you may ask? Because the other side is only for guests of the luxurious Banyan Tree Villa. Jealous, ok!! 


Chilli crab and Red Garoupa.
Look at the way the carrot was carved! I was impressed!

We left Angsana (and Bintan) with a very heavy heart. The minute we touched SG grounds, it meant back to reality :(

It is pretty obvious that we enjoyed our stay tremendously. Thank you Angsana for making it memorable!

Now, must save money for Banyan Tree!!! Anyone wanna sponsor? Daddy? :P


Ken Wooi said...

nice relaxing place =)