Weekend Weddings

Now, what do March, June, September, November and December have in common?

If you have said school holidays, you are half correct!

These months , especially the longer June and December holidays are popular dates for teachers to get married! Yours truly got married in March herself , two years back :)....

Well, when else can we get some time off for ourselves?

We went to his colleague's wedding yesterday and today we went to my ex-colleague's.

Azliza was my 'neighbour' in the previous school and I really like her. She was always there to hear my woes . Her patient and innocent self is something really endearing.

I am happy that she has found the love of her life.

The wedding was at Dewan Singgahsana @ the Malay Village.

I wore my grey heels-with-ruffles , paired with my recently-bought flowered-ruffled grey clutch from Chomel .


Since the interior of the hall is very much traditional, her deco was done up in a very Malay royal style. Very apt for a Malay wedding .

The wedded couple

Although it was just a short while, I managed to catch up with the ex-colleagues.

Sharifah's latest addition - Nuhar

I miss my darling Latha

With the hot mama

As much as I am doing fine at the current place, I spent almost 5 years with them and it is just not the same without my lovely angels :)

Anyway, I seriously think I need to lose weight.

But I must be realistic. Looking at how lazy I am to exercise, I shall target just 3 kg. Can?

I doubt so. We have more weddings this June. Gulp!


Ken Wooi said...

really? that's interesting.. people get married all the time =)

FairyQueen said...

yeah...pathetic , isn't it?