SIMPLE Eye Make-up Remover

I used to get irritated whenever it was time to remove my eye make-up, especially the waterproof mascara.

Have you ever experienced persistent tugging that results in your one or two (or three, four if you are that unlucky) eyelashes falling off, while trying to get rid of your eye make-up?

I did... and it is frustrating because eyelashes take forever to grow back. I wouldn't want to have uneven , sparse eyelashes... hehe....
As I have sensitive eyes, I had to go through several trials of various brands for that perfect eye make-up remover. Many were not suitable for me - they are either stinging to the eyes or they leave behind oily residues.

Until I tried this ......

There was no tugging involved and everything came off in just two swipes of the cotton pad. Eyelashes saved!

However, it is rather pricey ... especially for me who use it everyday, sometimes even twice a day. I am not rich lah I am always on the lookout for easy-on-the-pocket bargains :P

And then , I tried SIMPLE (Kind to the Eyes) Eye Make Up Remover......

True to its slogan , it is kind to the eyes yet, very effective in getting rid of all the make-up. It is really easy peasy too!

Ready for cleansing.
On eye: L'oreal Undereye Concealer,
Clinique Crystal Beige Eyeshadow,
Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Cover Girl Lash Blast
Waterproof Mascara, Face Shop Pencil Eye-liner

The easy - peasy steps to be taken :

Firstly , just soak a cotton pad with SIMPLE Eye Make Up Remover.

After that , press the soaked cotton pad onto your eyelid. Let it stay for about 5 - 10 seconds and just swipe it across your eyelid. Your eye make-up will instantly come off - eyeliner , mascara, eyeshadow, all at once!

If you are wearing heavier make-up, you might need
an extra sweep.

TADAH! No traces of make-up at all!
 For this, I swiped twice. NO TUGGING!

See how simple it is? Truly effortless.

This SIMPLE (yet effective) eye make-up remover is also voted as "Best Value" .

Well, it only costs $9.90 so it is definitely
great value for money!

I still use the Clinique eye make-up remover when I have heavier eye make-up on. But for an everyday use, I would definitely say SIMPLE is the way to go!

Hopefully, this helps you ladies out there ! :)


Shopaholic said...

u can try something from watsons. japanese brand.

i have no idea how to pronounce or type it out. but it's available in a few colours. i mean the bottles.

works really well too. if u're interested u can juz go to the nearest watson's and look for it.

FairyQueen said...

j_fish> Hi Hi! I am quite satisfied with SImple but no harm trying out ur recommendation :) Any further details how I can identify the bottles?