Dance Explosion5 Finals!

Ever since 2007, I have always been very excited when the finals come for the above dance competition.

That is because my dance girls from the previous school have managed to get into the finals and become champions for the Ethnic and Cultural Category each year! Bloody exciting, I tell you .

I love the adrenaline rush during the last minute preparation , doing the make - up , taking snap shots of the girls.... right up to the their actual performance and then , the results time .

The girls are now older and no longer in the school thus, they would be participating in the open category this year. Yes, they are in the finals :)

But what makes it sweeter is that my current students in the newly-formed (5 months old) Ethnic Dance group has managed to gain a place under the school category ! Double sweetness :)

It is their first time and I am happy for them. Competition is definitely stiff and as much as it would be nice to be in the top three, I am already proud of them to have come this far.

There is also the Hip Hop and Modern Category , which I assure you is of a credible standard.

So , if you are still not sure what to do tomorrow (Fri 4th June) or happen to be in town , do drop by Plaza Singapura (open space outside) to watch the finalists ! Competition starts at 7pm.


Nina Nurziana said...


Ken Wooi said...

dancing is cool.. too bad i dont dance =P

FairyQueen said...

nina> thanks!

ken> try ah! U never know :P