Bring on the calories!

SIgh...I know I have not been blogging frequently.

I have been busy with work and ... actually, I am not so sure myself. But there were always so many things to do that I hardly had the time to surf the net.

On top of that , I have been stuffing myself silly with food. It is much easier to refrain from eating unhealthy food during school term. When you are heavily bogged down with work and chasing for time, you won't even remember that you have skipped both breakfast and lunch!

I just hope I won't put on any kgs within just a month....

Anyway, last Thursday night at abt 9pm , we decided to get a late dinner cum supper. Yeah ... we were quite famished since our last meal was a late lunch. We abandoned the car and took bus to Swensens @ Airport Terminal Two.

Well, it was quite romantic lah...take bus together late at night :)

I think I look spastic here.... but never mind lah..

The service was so - so but we have always liked the airport as that was where we spent much of our dating moments . In my opinion , the standard of the food there fluctuates. But that night , I was just hungry so everything tasted alright!

He happened to order healthy food that night ....

Him , mixing the salad......

And what did I have?

At 10:30pm , I actually had pasta! Talk about adding calories if I don't have enough. I ordered the Chilli Crab Pasta.

I was a tad disappointed with the sauce. The other time when I tasted a bit of my cousin's Chilli Crab Pasta at ION @ Orchard, it was heavenly. The sauce was the same as that of the famous chilli crab dish we have in SG, with a bit more chilli and spices.

But the one I had tasted nothing like that! Grrrr....It was not even spicy when I clearly stated that I wanted it extra spicy.

Oh well, beggars can't be choosers ,yah?

Ooohhhh.... of course we did not forget the ice-creams. Guess which one is mine?

Well, after all those carbohydrates, it was only right that I settled for a tiny scoop of Sticky Chewy Chocolate ( ok , drooling at the thought...) so I guess we evened out eventually :P

More food was consumed over the weekend and I am going to KL and Bintan next week. That means MORE FOOD!

I think I better just concentrate on shopping. At least , that burns off calories, right?  *wink*


Nina Nurziana said...

nice ;)

KellyQueenie said...

**foot print**
I am hungry..!! Hope my diet end soon..!!
Nanged and clicked on your adv.
Do visit mine too! Thanks:)

Ken Wooi said...

haha.. shopping = walking = exercising = burning calories =)

JLean said...

Dropping by ere. =).

FairyQueen said...

kelicious>> ur nick somehow makes me think of food!
ken>> yeah.... and in KL, there is a lot of walking to do :P
Lean n Nina> thanks for dropping by 1