I am a city girl at heart :)

I have always loved going back to my grandaunt's kampung in Muar, Johor.

She has since rebuilt the house but I am still very fond of those days when the house was made of wood and each time you go up the steps or run around, it makes lots of noise. Visits back to the kampung used to be an annual event and I looked forward to it each time.

I still like to go back now although it is definitely less frequent. Looking at the chickens and roosters, chasing after cats and picking fruits straight off the trees are among my favourite activities.

We made a short stopover at his aunt's kampung in Sedenak on the first day of our KL trip and I got to enjoy my short moments of nature delight.

However, I know that deep down , I am a city girl. And so is he :)

Yah , it is nice to spend 4 - 5 days in a village, living the village life. But I know I will get bored very soon after that .Heh... it has happened a couple of times. The pace of living over there is much slower than here and thus, a short getaway would always be appreciated. But a getaway is all it can be.

On the 3rd day of our KL stay , we went to book into a hotel in Bukit Bintang Area. Just us. The rest of his family stayed on at the aunt's place. Since it was only a short span of time , we could just manage to venture to Mid Valley Mega Mall , Berjaya Times Square and Pavillion Mall. Boy, did we feel rejuvenated with all the shops in sight!

Hahhaa.... I am serious. We got energetic once we saw the shops , the cafes, restaurants, cinemas etc etc. I guess it is due to the place we were brought up in. Fast-paced and all. Whenever we are on holiday and there seems to be nothing to do , we get restless and immediately think of activities to be done. LOL.

So much for relaxation.

Anyway, we stayed at Piccolo Hotel for the night. The exterior has a very rustic and old feel to it , in the middle of all the majestic hotels around. I have no idea why I settled for this hotel but I am glad I did!

Ok, pictures time!!!

Taken from passenger seat in the car

I love hotel rooms with couches :P

I always have a thing for island-concepts , be it for
 sink or kitchen. Too bad my own house is not big
enough for that.

Hotel beds are always sooooooo comfy.... why ah?

That orange arm chair is so adorable , I wish I could
pack it home!

We managed to do some more shopping after we checked out although time was really tight. Put two shopaholics together, nothing is impossible :)

I, or rather , he, made an impulse personal indulgence (for me). But totally no regrets!

What did I get?



Pretty? Cute? I think it is both pretty and cute!
I have always liked the bags from Che Che New York.
This is definitely a favourite already!

Alright , end of KL post. I really need to pack for Bintan now .... though I feel like doing it only tomorrow morning. Sigh...I hate deciding on what clothes to pack.......

Enjoy the rest of the weekend , people! I know I will enjoy mine  :)