I survived my first day in school today!

It is the start of a new semester for students and teachers alike. On the contrary, teachers do not enjoy a full June holidays... usually, we get a week off, either in the second or third week.

But still, I was like a baby last night , lamenting to the husby that ," I don't want to go to school tomorrow!".

Heh...does this sound familiar to any students out there?

Anyway, yup, I survived the whole of today. It was super hectic, I tell you... what with the attire check , new timetable, class admin matters and many else.

I have straight lessons from 8 to 12:30 pm... after which , I met up with my new trainee to brief her of rules and expectations till about 2pm. And then, a student (whom I do not teach at all) wanted to talk to me about her problems.....

I finally sat down at my table close to 2:45pm! Sigh... only then could I grab some lunch and finally start on work.

Since it was only the first day, I didn't want to go home late ...there'll be many other days for that. So, I quickly prepared for tomorrow's lessons , looked at the new pile of worksheets to be marked and just left it at that. There's always a tomorrow ! :P (Bad example, don't follow.)

Haha... Still, I reached home close to 7pm.

And there's a meeting tomorrow afternoon. Bless me!


Ken Wooi said...

enjoy the journey =)