FACEBOOK addict - are you one?

I've wondered, more than a couple of times, if I am addicted to Facebook.

You see, the first thing I do when I reach my work cubicle each morning is to log on to my FB account. I call that warming up.

After working for a few hours, I would sneak in a few minutes of FB. I call that relaxing. This happens every few hours (oops!)

Once I am home in the evening, after I am done with my bath and prayers, I say Hello to FB again.

Is that addiction or what? Even as I am writing this, one of the tabs is channelled to FB page... LOL.

Just so happened , there is an article online which helps you figure out if you are, indeed, addicted to Facebook. I guess I should take the test...

12 signs of Facebook Addiction

1) Can't go for more than a few minutes without telling the world (or, at least, their long-suffering circle of friends) exactly what's happening in their life. 
NOT GUILTY. Sometimes, I change my FB status only after four days. I'd rather just text husby to vent out feelings.

2) You'd forget your friends' birthdays if it wasn't for Facebook reminders.
GUILTY.  This is embarrassing but yes, I think it happened thrice ...and one of them is even a close friend. TSk TSk...

3) You speak to your best friend more often on Facebook than in real life.
Previously you'd pick up your phone if you wanted to tell your friends something, or maybe drop them a text message to meet for a chat.
PART GUILTY. I do not chat with best friend through Facebook because she rarely logs in. But yes, I do use FB as a medium to exchange news with my friends and ex-colleagues...instead of meeting up for tea or something, like we used to...

4) Broadcasting your emotional status ... can be lamenting and whining about break-ups or being mushy-gushy with the other half.
NOT GUILTY. To me, either one is a very private affair ...there is no need for the whole world to know. My brother and his gf are currently guilty of that ...aiyo......

5) You check Facebook from your phone on holiday
NOT GUILTY. Most of the holidays I've had, I always seem to be having loads of fun. Anyway, it is too costly!

6) You've taken out a loan to cover your Farmville/Fish World/Mafia habit
NOT GUILTY.  Muaahahaha.... I have NEVER even tried those games. Never will.

7) Your mood depends on how many 'friends' you've added to your account
NOT GUILTY.   Most of the time, I don't add friends - only if those people matter or we are / have been close before.

8) Creating a separate account for your pet / baby / plant etc.
NOT GUILTY. That sounds like a lot of work, I can't be bothered.

9) When you are out, you wonder what is happening on Facebook. 
NOT GUILTY. When I am out, I focused on my activities.. heh...

10)  You haven't seen your significant other for quite some time.
NOT GUILTY. I see him everyday! :P

11) You update you FB status even in the loo
Let me see.....hhhmhmmmmm.... NOT GUILTY.

12) You cam-whore to put it up as your profile picture (eg: using mirror to assist)
Confirm NOT GUILTY. In fact , it is difficult to find a photo of me alone. Most of my photos are taken with other people... I find it difficult to pose and smile , all on my own.

So there? I scored 1 and 1/2 GUILTY out of 12!


Are you? *winks*