Power Shopping

Since there is a thing called Power Nap, there should also be a term known as POWER SHOPPING.

Because I did just that.

It was really a quick one. 45 mins flat.

See, touch , buy. See , try , buy.

All because we didn't have much time to spare and it was such an impulse decision to drop by the mall. I didn't buy much though but enough to satisfy my hunger shopping pangs :)

Power shopping includes.........................

 It just so happened that both shopping bags 
that day were pink! LOVED! I just threw in 
my COACH wristlet to join in the party :)

 Something for a casual day . It is supposed 
to be a top / short dress but being the
petite me, I obviously have to alter the
length.I shall send it to my favourite tailor. 
She is known as 'Mummy'.... heeeheee  

 Sheer Romance was having a sale for all 
its nighties. 40% off! Obviously, must grab!
This was love at first sight. The black
flowers against the dusty pink 
background makes it a really pretty shawl.
  I am trying to be a little more ladylike 
here. I am more of a jeans-and-tops 
person. It is very rare for one to 
catch me in a dress or skirt. Hehe....
so I shall go slow....
 I love this grey long dress. But again , 
alteration is the magic word!

What I love most about the dress is the back...

Yup, that's about all that I bought. Totally energized me after that. LOL

Husby only bought one item but as always, his one item costs more than my many items combined. Guys' stuffs are so bloody expensive!

NIKE windbreaker

We had a quick lunch after that (Power lunch?) at Swensons. We could never miss our staples there....

They should come up with a "power" term for various activities - Power Run , Power Dinner, Power Gym, Power Fight..... what else?