Pink Garden - Diapercake

Yesterday was officially the last day of school for the secondary school kids.

But I cannot say YIPPEE yet..... because the O levels are still going on and I am down for invigilation. Very boring to stand around, you know! And we still have those workshops and meetings to attend. I would say holidays for the teachers would start only in December.

I am not gonna talk about my holiday plans yet .

Actually , I just finished 'baking' a cake ... gosh, it has been quite some time since the last order.

I named the cake "Pink Garden" since it is (obviously) in pink and designs are mainly of butterflies and flowers. I LIKE!!!!

Ingredients in 'Pink Garden':
23 M Size Diapers
1 Carters Bib
1 Carters Romper
1 pair of socks
1 FOX baby jacket (This is so pretty!!! I wished I had taken a photo of it laid out)
1 pink hairband
1 pair of shoes


I love baking this one because it is so diabetically sweet and is in my favourite colour to boot! I kept telling husby , " Sweet, isn't it? Sweet, right?" LOL.....

Hope the mummy will love this gift as much I loved baking it.

Seriously, this beats many other gifts  for newborns and even toddlers! If you do have an occasion for this, do drop an email to we do towel cakes as well (so can give to adults)!

Till then. Adios!