I have never kept it a secret that my other half is as vain as I am , and loves shoes like I do!

It is no wonder that it's the only thing he approves of me buying every now and then.... :)

Thus, it was such a joy to find another person to share with me the joy of buying shoes. Actually, she is not such a shoe-freak like me but I truly hope she will be converted ! Haha..... I mean , it is really fun to go shoe shopping with another female. Girl-bonding , u know ...

That's Sharifa and I during the
National Day celebrations.

The intention was just for her to get a pair of heels. I was just supposed to be a companion. We first went to my favourite store, Charles n Keith.

I saw the pair I've wanted for a long time at 40% discount!!! O.M.G.... but the new-prudent me had to fight much of the temptation. Just because I know FOR SURE I would not be wearing them often. Purple heels are not easy to match.

And so, the fren settled on a pair of white sandals as she could not find a suitable pair of heels. I thought that would be the end of the shopping trip until I remembered that I wanted to check out the shoes at Pazzion.

I've heard so much about it but never had the chance to look at I dragged my dear Sharifah there.

We literally went crazy , I think.

Pazzion shoes are really unique in designs and very eye-catching. Yet , they are not outlandish but very subtly highlight the little details. When Sharifah tried on the third pair, I asked her which pair she was getting.

Apparently, ALL THREE! (She was in a peachy mood that day... You'll soon understand..)


I love the patterns on the heel! It just jazzes
up an otherwise simple pumps :) Prettaye!

A versatile pair. Looks good with dress , skirt or jeans.
The ribbon at the back adds on to the girlish factor.

 SWEEEEETTTTTTTTTT!!!!! This was the 
pair that first caught my eyes .
I don't think I can carry this off though, 
becauseI am not ladylike and sweet
like that. She wore it with a skirt 
the other day... Angelic :) Even the
students noticed the shoes!

Woo hoo! I've found another shoe-mate ! Hehe..... How could I resist the beautiful sight, right? I decided to get a pair myself. That was tough though, because I liked so many of them. But I had a budget and I had to stick to it. Come , see my new loves!

 I've been wanting to get a pair of brown 
gladiators  but there was never a perfect one
... until I saw these! With added height, some
more! love love!

The lady who attended to us (I think her name was Jackie?) was really patient and attentive to our shopping needs. She was with us throughout, patiently waiting while we pranced about whilst trying on the shoes. It was such great joy when she said we could apply for the VIP card since we have bought 4 pairs. That means discounts in future! I Like!

I thought that would be the end but my new-formed fashionista friend had set her eyes on yet another pair.

A pair of gorgeous silver ballet pumps.... sigh.....

I believe PAZZION is going to be my favourite store.

Some facts to know about PAZZION

1. ALL the shoes are made of leather. Some may be purely leather while others may be a mixture (eg: leather with PVC)
2. New designs are added every two weeks.
3. VIP membership gives you a 10% for every purchase and 20% during your birthday month.
4. Price range - $60 and above.
5. Many are designed with crystals.

Oh ... and I like their paper bag!

I believe packaging is very important if 
one wants to make an impression.

You can drop by their Facebook link @ Pazzion.

You can view photos of their shoes but obviously, that's not enough! You've got to come down , touch and try the shoes on yourselves. So far, mine has been really comfortable :) No regrets.

I shall be very nice and list down all the branches.

1. Tampines Mall
2. Marina Square
3. Bugis Junction
4.Wisma Atria
5. Junction 8
6. The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands

If you decide to pay PAZZION a visit, all I could say is "Happy Shoe-Shopping" !