Marianah's Wedding

I love weddings!

Especially that of close friends or members of the family....

It was definitely good timing (for us, at least) for my aunt (hehe... she's younger than me by 3 months actually) to get married. We are done with markings and most admin work so were able to fully enjoy ourselves on the 2 days.

It was unfortunate though, that I forgot to bring my camera battery for the solemnization... so no photos for that :(

Just some photos for the day... more at FB .

 The reception table

 Pretty dais

 One of the many Gantries

The cool groom

The stunning bride

 Just married

 The silat

 This is what happens whenever
there is ice-cream....

 His sexy pout.......

To Marianah and Leoaidil, 

Congratulations... You guys are perfect for each other! May you find eternal bliss in this sacred marriage. 



P/S: Dearie, shall we do it again ? :P