Idiotic Lexus driver

It was another encounter with an idiotic Lexus driver.

I never had a good impression of Lexus drivers - especially BLACK LEXUS. Don't blame me for being judgemental ... blame those uncivilised owners. They drive likethey own the roads....They are worse than the WHITE MERCEDES.

Yesterday, we were at the huge carpark at Tanjong Katong carpark . This carpark is always full especially on weekends so we were quite prepared to go a few rounds before finding a lot.

Luckily for us, a car on the right was moving out. Husby quickly put on the hazard lights and the minute the car moved out, he angled our car and started reversing. ANY STUPID FOOL could see that we were moving into that lot.

So imagine our shock when a BLACK LEXUS just zoomed in (from the left) and park his ugly , monstrous car there! I was stunned... that was sheer rudeness! It was not even a case of " Ooops, I didn't know you were parking there!".... RUDE RUDE RUDE. We did not drive off yet and we stared at the big ass. But the no-brain coward just kept looking down, before coming out from the ugly machine.

My husby wound down the window and shouted at him," Thank you, Sir..for being SO RUDE!" ... a few people were walking around and they all stared at him. And guess what? That monkey actually looked at us, SMILED, and waved his hand. BLOODY HELL!!!

We were in a rush to a fren's kid's birthday party so we quickly found another lot...I even forgot to take a photo of his car.

Now, I am normally a very patient driver and seldom get angry on the road. But I was so pissed off that I swore a few times. Why can't people be gracious and courteous? It is such a bad reflection upon drivers in our society !

I swore that if he happened to be a guest at the party, I was going to go up to him and give him a piece of my mind. 'Unfortunately' , he wasn't and could not experience my flying kick.

He really was such an ass.