Oily food!

This has got to be one of the oiliest and most MSG- saturated SOTO AYAM / MEE SOTO you can find. 

We went for breakfast at  Afghanistan restaurant in Tampines yesterday morning. Well, this is not really a favourite place of mine as I do not particular like the food sold there. But husby wanted to eat the Gado-Gado and there did not seem to be any other place selling that. 

I have eaten the Mee Soto / Soto Ayam (they use the same soup) and never liked the fact that I can really taste the MSG in the soup. Yesterday was again a no-choice situation for me because we were in a hurry and that was the fastest we could get....

Goodness gracious! The soup was salty and super oily... and I avoided the soup as much as I could. If only I could squeeze it out of the rice cubes and chicken slices that had already been pre-soaked in it. 

See? That's what I mean. What happened to the almost-clear yellow-based Soto soup? Clear but full of spices... but the above was definitely not good for the stomach. 

I know that Malay dishes are mostly rather fattening and unhealthy but I think this is quite absurd. Maybe next time I should feedback to the makcik selling it , yah?