Playing with Make-Up

I just had to try out the make up bought .

What better way is there than to wear them to a wedding?

I didn't know we had a wedding to attend today and this was all a bit of a rush.

Please don't die of shock ..... I know there's way a lot of room for improvement for my make-up skills but for 15mins, I thought this was ok to go! :P

On the eyes:
1) L'oreal Concealer
2) M.A.C StudioFix
3) Laneige Eyeshadows
4) Rhomlon ($7.90 from Chamelon!) Liquid Eyeliner
5) Maybelline Volume Express Mascara
6) Maybelline Unstoppable Pencil Eyeliner

I know I look a bit retarded here (which is why I cropped the photo...) , I just wanted to capture the colours on the eyelids. Hehe......
 On the rest of the face:
7) M.A.C blusher
8) Canmake Undereye Highlighter 
9) Z.A Collagen Lipstick

Just couldn't capture the best lightings since I was stuck in the car when snapping this...thus, u can't really see the colours. I know I look chubby.... :(

I am never good at camwhoring... I just don't know how to smile when there is no one to smile with. This explains my absolutely limited self-portraits.

It is quite fun to play dolling up ... one of my wishes was to be a make-up artist (DON'T LAUGH!). But a wish remains a wish for now...