Reebonz purchases thus far....

The first time I knew about Reebonz was through Xiaxue's adverd.

After that , I often browsed through the items. True, their prices are pretty good but there were also a lot of negative reviews , especially about their frequent system breakdowns.

I was once trying to get this Fendi bag but after countless times of failed transaction , I didn't bother to try out. Not until recently.

I didn't buy anything big though ... I always start small when I am not sure if the company is reliable or not.

My first purchase was a Marc by Marc Jacobs small tote bag and a Marc Jacobs keyring for my pretty colleague who loves anything from MJ.

Yeah.... I know it is huge. She likes it though because it stands out and definitely, easy to find :)

I like the 'BookMarc'.
Reebonz really offers a lot of things...lately , I have even been surfing through household wares and 3D puzzles. Haha....

Anyway , I told husby about one of their sale events - Kenneth Cole watches. He was interested in buying on but took too long to decide. By the time he wanted to get one, the event was over - their events often last an avg of two days.

But hey , luck was on his side! A few days later , the Kenneth Cole event was launched again. This time round, there was no waiting time!

Service was fast ... he received the parcel only after 2 days. This definitely beats shopping on international sites!

We didn't expect the ribbon and all... nice touch :)

I like! I wished I had gotten the red version.

Overall, our first experience with Reebonz was a pleasant one. I have been visiting their site every now and then. Whether we come back or not, that would depend on their prices ....hhehehe.... as consumers, we go wherever there is a better deal :)


Reebonz said...

Thank you for mentioning us on your blog, and we hope you will have more good experiences with Reebonz! :)

FairyQueen said...

wow...Reebonz actually responded. :)

Me! said...

How come ar? U tagged ur blog at reebonz? Heehee

FairyQueen said...

Me!> I didn't ...but I think Reebonz is very active online. They even responded to my twitter remark :)