So this is how the rich live life.....

We went down to Marina Square this afternoon to look for a housewarming gift for my sister.

After walking down the lane of shops selling home decor and furnishings, we stepped into this particular shop that seemed to be selling pretty unique stuffs.

But oh my... at exorbitant prices to boot!

Look at those chandeliers! Nothing was below $1.5k
 As we browsed around, there were some that caught my eyes and I started pretending to be able to afford all.... Hehhee... Here are pictures of some of the things I like.

Pewter-silver carpet at abt $1000 for that size. Oklah... not so bad. Shall consider :P

This wall clock caught my eye immediately. Was suggesting to husby to get it for ourselves but he was not convinced if it will fit into our home concept. Never mind, too ex anyway . $700+

Decorative pieces for the coffee table @ $739 for both. I wonder if that includes the fake cherries?

I like this table lamp! You cannot really see it but there are a lot of blings in the middle of this masterpiece. $2646

Isn't this gorgeous?I can really imagine it near the corner of my TV console. $3531 . * faints *

LOve this!!!! The whole stem is actually made of crystals...imagine when it is being lighted up? I cannot remember the exact price but it was about $9k? *faints again*

This whole dinner table set costs a whopping $32 000!!! Wahhh.... I can renovate my whole house again with that money...

Guess what this beautiful $3000+ carriage is for? To store bottles! Cannot be wine bottles since those would be too big. Evian ? Haha.....

Seriously, I am sure this is nothing to the rich. They probably come in and buy 10 pieces in a blink.

As for me, I am satisfied with just admiring them..LOL..

We finally did settle on something from the shop ... a rather worthy buy. But cannot put the picture up yet in case my sister drops by :)

I hope she likes our choice...if she doesn't, she can always pass it back to us because we love it too!