Our Sunnies!

One  common habit that we both share is our impulsiveness when it comes to shopping.

It has been proven time and again that when we see something we like, it doesn't take us long to decide to make a purchase. This happened frequently while planning our wedding 3 years back and it still sticks to us till now. You can say this is one of the things that binds us together :)

Last Saturday, while he was having his haircut at KIMAGE in Rivervale, I was loitering around on my own at Compass Point. I walked past a couple of opticians and thought of buying him a pair of sunglasses to replace his broken one. So I texted him to meet me there instead of just picking me up from the taxi stand. 

I brought him to The Men's Lens and we were looking at some of the Oakley shades on display. His eye caught the sight of this transparent frame with mirror-like lenses. We went in and he tried on a few pairs. Very easily , he stuck to the first choice.


This was on the next day. One thing  I like about this pair is the fact that the lenses are really like a mirror. Imagine how useful that is to me!

I was trying to capture a proper full shot of him but I failed. He was hurrying to the car  .. :(
But him being him , one was not enough. He decided to get another Oakley pair .... which , of course, he paid for it himself. My budget was only for a pair ! :P
His second pair of Oakley shades.

Again, me being me , I couldn't possibly just sit and watch him try pair after pair ...without doing so myself. I have been looking for red shades for quite some time. I tried on a few brands- Coach , Anna Sui, Elle.... and I finally settled on ......

Anna Sui PAPERBAG! LOL...I really love Anna Sui but the shades they had were all of their signature colour- purple. I wanted red. But the lady at the shop was very nice to give me this bag, knowing how much I love Anna Sui and butterflies!

What I really finally got was......

from Marc Jacobs!

I know it looks purplish here but under light /sunlight, both frames and lenses actually appear red.

Anyway , we are both extremely happy with our purchases .... I think it was one of the most satisfying impulse puchases ever ! (The other one was our shoe cabinet)

Now, we just have to make sure we go out on sunny days... heehee... it shouldn't be much of a problem now that the weather is getting hotter by the day!


jfook said...

Wow I love Marc by Marc Jacobs. Awesome!

FairyQueen said...

same! Their designs are unique and quirky ! love!

JLean said...

Wow, nice one there.. Marc Jacobs.. Woot