A lady and her make-up.....

I seldom buy cosmetics because somehow, my shadows , blushers etc last for several several months. The only thing I would need to replenish are my 2-way-cake powder and liquid eyeliner.

But recently , the faithful Clinique eyeshadow palette and Victoria Secret blusher that I started using more than a year back (I am not one who consider their shelf-lives...hehe....) have shown huge signs of the need to be replaced.

So that's just what I did.

Fyi, I am not loyal to any particular brand.If I like the colour and it is affordable for the pocket, I would give it a shot.

My first purchase was the L'oreal eyeshadow palette in dusty pink/purple shades and Maybelline AngelFit Blusher in Watermelon.

 I have tried out the eyeshadows ...I would say they are alright . Colours stay on for quite some time but I would prefer if they were smoother and easier to pick up with the brushes. Mirror inside in teeny-weeny so for touch-ups outside, u gotta find a restroom or anywhere with mirrors.

I have not opened the packaging for the blusher though.. but it does promise radiant pearls  that diffuse light naturally. I like the sound of that as I have always preferred slightly sparkly blushers on the cheeks to muted ones... it brightens up the face!

Browns have always been and will always be my favourite shades. They are very easy to wear with anything and everything and look natural, thus, I use these colours pretty often. I was looking at DIOR and CHANEL pallettes but they are a bit too expensive for my comfort level - $90 for the former, $85 for the latter. ..
Walked around a bit more and finally settled on a $43 pallette from LANEIGE.

I tried this out yesterday. OOOOOOOooooohhhhhhh....... worth the money! The textures are smooth and colours easily glide on your eyelids. It is quite pigmented so just a bit on the brush will be more than enough...and I didn't have to touch up even after many hours! The colours are numbered so newbies would have no problem figuring out which colours come first. And yes, it comes with a mirror! :P

Although I swear by ZA two-way-cake as one of the best foundations in the market, I used to love M.A.C StudioFix. I have not used it for about 3 years now and decided to re-ignite my love for M.A.C... so here goes!

 (Psssttt...can u spot my pink-cased Galaxy S?)

Collect 6 MAC boxes and you will get one free lipstick!

 I opted for the Lightening and SPF-loaded foundation instead of the usual one. It costs a bit more but I trust M.A.C :) ..and for this one, you can purchase the refills for $60 each.

When I am surrounded by make-up , I lose myself occassionally. I forgot that I had bought the Maybelline blusher so I went ahead purchasing another one. Tsk..... But this one is really good, in my opinion. As advised by the promoter, just swipe your brush slightly over the blusher as the intensity of the colour is pretty great. That means, no need to top for the next ten years! hahhaa.....

Oh.....one thing I love about buying new products is that they always give you free samples. I think this is a good way of making customers return, if they like what they try out. 

LANEIGE eye-gel and sunblock samples.

However, I am very much a heartlander and I'll never give up on my ZA foundation....although ZA could consider reducing the price  :P

SG is selling for $23.50 but look how much cheaper it is across the causeway! And this was before the 30% discount. I should have stocked it up!

And to end off my cosmetic shopping, I decided to try out these two....

I have not tried them out yet but I hope there will be no regrets :P 

I bought something else from M.A.C but I shall try it out first before I blog about it.



Nava K said...

Love MAC - esp the compact, the shades goes well for Indian skin. Many of my friends also love MAC for the same reason.

Yep - I also go for neutral colours.

FairyQueen said...

Nava> I think they are good for any skin tone :)