I would never take a Chrysler 300C cab again!

I have taken cabs from my workplace to the nearest MRT station many many times.

Regardless of which cab (companies) I happened to flag down , the fares were always almost the same - about $4.20 - $4.50. ... Mercedes, Maxi Cab , normal cabs ..... all those would cost about the same (initial fare $2.50 - $2.80).

A few days back, I was again waiting for a cab when a black taxi stopped in front me. I didn't notice anything unusual about that taxi except for its colour. Thinking that it didn't mean a thing, I went in.

To my absolute horror a few minutes later, I noticed that the flag-down price started at $5!!! Five dollars is a lot, especially when my usual fare is less than that. I asked the driver what company the cab was under and he said SMRT.

Hmmmm..... I had no one to blame but my ignorant self for not knowing this particular SMRT (they have other models) taxis charge so high!

Sorry for the blur picture, I was trying to read the fine prints. So it stated that the initial fare of $5 is inclusive of the first 1km, subsequently , passengers are charged at $0.30 for every 365 metres, or something like that. I forgot the exact figure for the every 30cents.

Well, I thought, then maybe it would not be so bad since fare was inclusive of the first kilometre and the journey was really a very short one. 

I kept looking at the meter throughout my journey and when I finally reached the MRT station, my final fare was $7.90!!!

Super crazy lah! 

THere is no way I am ever going to take this particular type again. I think this is daylight robbery !

I told my dad about it and he said it is the Chrysler 300C model and that whenever they are in a taxi queue, people would always skip and refuse to board them .

See? People know and I didn't ... so blame myself again! But hey , now I know and I would never ever be tricked again! 

Once painfully bitten , twice extremely shy. 


mistarJ said...

Yup. Such taxis are the exclusive and luxury ones. I remembered getting in and the cab driver reminded me that the start-up fare is $5 for such cabs.

So yeah... do be mindful before stepping in the wrong type of cab.

FairyQueen said...

mistar J> Yah... I flagged down maxi cab and Mercedes before but the prices were still comparable ..no heart attack. This one looked like a normal cab... At least ur cab driver reminded u! ...hahha.. dun worry, I'll never make the mistake again :P

Me! said...

Next time check with me lah.. The taxi expert! =p