Trying out the kaftans....

Once in a while , I reminisce about the pre-marriage times when I could eat to my heart's content yet barely put on any weight. Those were really memorable days , and very much-missed.

Last weekend when I had to go for a wedding, I realised I had limited choices of baju kurung or kebaya to wear.

I could still fit in them but they are definitely not as comfortable or roomy as before.


I wouldn't say I am heavy-weight but an addition of 2 or 3 kilos since marriage obviously has an impact on the fitting of those clothes.

So when my parents mentioned they were going to Joo Chiat on MOnday, I immediately volunteered to follow! There would be some weddings to go to in the next few months so I'd better prepare early :)

Found this shop called MODA by Yasmin. 

Except for the obvious kebaya, the other two are called kaftans- to be worn loose with a tighter-fitted inner tube / tee.

I couldn't decide between thetwo kaftans so I got both. That took me a long time to decide though.

However, I chose other colours. For the middle design, I went for baby pink and the right one was maroon , both with silver trimmings. Sounds nice, yah? :P

What I liked about this newly-discovered place is that if you do not like any of the colours in the shop, you can choose from their colour chart for your favourite ....and they really have a lot of colours , at least forty!

 Since I am not tall, I had to do some adjustments to my baby pink one, and the lady was really nice and patient with me. I even wanted to bring the crystal 'centrepiece' slightly higher up the chest (yes, u can sort of customize it!) ... the best thing is these are all done at no extra cost! HOw cool is that!

And because I bought 2 more shawls and mum bought a square scarf , we got further discounts! Love discounts!

We have to come back another day though because we happened to like colours not available in the shop currently. Hehe....but it is alright to wait for good things :)

I hope they will turn out fine! And then I can stop feeling fat when I go for weddings.....