G-mask it!

A few months back, I laid my hand on this Samsung Omnia Pro B7320.

Photo is from Google Images

Then , it was still rather expensive but I don't know what attracted me to it. Perhaps, the specifications found on the brochure was the culprit. In addition , I wanted to try out a phone with a keyboard-like keypad. (This was meant to be a phone for contacting students - I send a hell-lot of SMSes each month! Thus, that keypad should come in handy).

But I really didn't like its black exterior. Although I have many black clothes, I have always preferred my accessories to be colourful.

However, I am too lazy to bling / decorate the phone myself. I envy those girls who have the patience and talent to actually sit down and do up their mobile phones. I was almost resigned to my fate until I stumbled upon Gmask online!

I went through the site and was pretty impressed by how the whole thing works.

Extract from the official website :

Gmask Professional Gadget Skin Wrap Service
D.I.Y. Skin on your gadget may not be the most fun thing to do. But believe it or not, once you've engage Gmask Professional Skin Wrap service. You'll be as proud of that achievement as of anything else you've done in your life to protect your gadget. G-mask'skin could last up to 7 years, it is one of the most durable skin ever available. In addition, the skin could cover your gadget's corner, edge, screen or even keypad.

I was happy to find out that there was a Gmask branch in a mall near my place. I went down that very day itself!

There were so many designs to choose from that you don't have to fear of ending up with the same designs as others. And you can Gmask practically almost any gadgets.

I finally decided on a pink / black flower theme, with small butterflies. I also added a tiny bit of blings :P It took them barely 30 mins .

I guess the lady over the counter was telling the truth when she said the skin may outlive the phone. I can be quite rough in handling my gadgets but after four months ,the skin is as good as new although my nephew did try to munch on the phone once!

My family members soon got influenced ......

From left: Mum's, Bro's, Husby's, Mine

You can opt to G-mask the whole phone (front and back) or just the back. I did mine on both sides while the others just requested for a transparent protective covering on the front .

To G-mask a phone is a little on the pricey side but I think it is all worth it .

Especially for 'lazy' people like yours truly  :P


Ken Wooi said...

cool nice covers =)