Food Galore @ KL

Well, if you ask me what is ONE thing I like about going to Malaysia would definitely be the food!

Not that SG food is not nice (of course I love the food here!) but there are more choices in Malaysia. Although there are many local restaurants that are halal, in Malaysia, practically almost everything is! I don't have to worry whether Muslims are able to consume the food or not since the majority of people in the country are Muslims and thus, 90% of the food served are Halal. 

I can try all the different restaurants that are not halal here over there and somehow, they still have endless varieties.

I was joking with the husby that we should consider migrating to KL for the sole purpose of FOOD. But no no.... I am quite a patriotic Singaporean so that will never happen :)

The first day in KL was spent entirely with his family ...we got a chance to spend time away on the second day so we dragged his niece to Berjaya Times Square. Spoilt for choice, we finally settled for Kenny Rogers. The last time I had that was two years back in Malacca.

Less calories!!!! I like!!!!

I just could not get over the delicious gravy that the grilled chicken was practically soaked in. I asked for my favourite black pepper sauce . Initially , I was lamenting that the chicken was just too huge for me and insisted that husby finished up whatever I couldn't.

But I should not have worried. I finished up everything myself. :P

We did a little shopping and after which , we decided to re-energise ourselves with ice-cream from Baskin Robbins. I really wanted to order a double scoop but I managed to stop myself. You should be proud of me !

His - Chocolate Overload , Mine - Raspberry Cheesecake.

Some of the other food places we went to during our stay ........

A & W

Is there any left in SG? I love their curly
 fries and root beer float! Can do petition
to get them back ?

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
@ Mid-Valley Megamall

Well, honestly, I didn't really like the donuts. The
texture was kinda hard and the fillings were
barely there. Give me Donut Empire anytime!


I know this sounds funny but we were quite excited as that was the first time we had teppanyaki. SG ones are all not halal :(

I have always liked the California Roll but I have yet to
master the proper technique of eating it and ensuring
that the fillings don't fall out. Seriously, which way do
 u go? Up or down?

My mandatory salmon and tako sashimi...

He ordered the Beef Teppanyaki. But where's the beef?
 All hidden beneath the bean sprouts! I almost fainted
when I saw how much was served. I would really faint
if I am forced to eat all that!

Well, the food was just average, I would say. I have tasted better Japanese food. I appreciate the experience though...

And of course , we had to make a final stop at our favourite Nandos... check out the happy faces! Oh, and we were the first second customers for the day...

Alright , this has been a rather long post (although more of pictures) . I need to sleep as I have to wake up early tomorrow to run errands, visit nephew, send cloths for tailoring, meet bestie for a quick lunch, collect ferry tickets for Bintan , pack for Bintan.... oh my......

Oh darn.... I forgot...

I still have to finish up the unpacking and clearing up from the KL trip..... The pic above shows the second half that needs to be cleared.... any fairies around to help?


Nina Nurziana said...

banyaknye makanan!!! huhuhu

FairyQueen said...

nina>> sedap kan? :P