Injured man outside MRT

Hmmmm......was anyone at Tampines MRT about 2pm yesterday?

I was descending down the stairs at the exit when I landed right smack in the middle of the scene.

There was quite a crowd outside Tampines One Mall \ and I was wondering what was happening.

Thus I was naturaly shocked when I saw, right in front of my eyes , a man lying on the concrete floor...with blood oozing out from either his nose or elsewhere . It was not very clear.

A man (with a rather nice tattoo on his arm - sidetracked) was trying to tell him to hold on and kept placing his hand firmly under the injured man's neck. I soon realised the neck was probably injured and needed support to stay in place. But he was definitely in shock as he couldn't really respond.

Helped soon came with the CD guys and MRT officers.

I have no idea what happened. It could be that  he fell down the stairs or ....maybe... stabbed ? Ok , hopefully not....

Hopefully that guy is better ...anyone else saw?