What would you if you get stuck in a car , alone , with no one to talk to?

I suffered through that when I was stuck ( no, not in a traffic jam on the road) but while waiting to enter the underground carpark at the mall.

I had a date with an ex-JC mate.... it was a Sunday , LUNCH HOUR... I had no idea why I decided to drive. Taking the bus or MRT would be way more convenient!

 There were probably about ten cars before me
 and I was already waiting for 10 - 15mins. That
 may not sound like it is THAT long but trust me,
 when you just have yourself to entertain, it sucks.

Being a fidgety person , I just had to do something... so, I decided to touch up on the make-up.... LOL. But that didn't take long since make-up was obviously still very intact....

I ended taking some pictures of the interior of the car, such as......

 The smurf dolls I bought in Sydney last year.
 I just realised they were all in a "I am dead"
position. I am positive this is due to the itchy
fingers of my nephew :)

 Lovely tissue box cover given by mycousin more
 than 2 years back. The colour is a very
 sweet pink but too bad , there was bad lighting .

 Hahaah.... This is always a joke. I have this
 habit of piling up all the used coupons on my
 dashboard. Dad always teases me, asking
if I am trying to redeem prizes with them.

 Finally reached the gantry but carpark was full.
 I had to wait another 10 minutes at the gantry. My
 friend , who parked at another place much further
 away , was already seated in the restaurant by then....

 The agony......

Thank god for audio entertainment!

I kinda forgot that I had a book with me , else, I could have just read it to fill up the time.

That was really a long wait.... I have learnt my lesson (yet again) time, go public during peak hours!