7 attacked at Bukit Panjang

What? Another case of stabbing/attack by brainless youths?

What is happening to the younger generation being the generation of the hopeful future?

I couldn't believe it when my cousin showed me the article in today's NEWPAPER. Are you sure this is Singapore we are talking about? And this is just so soon after the Downtown East case.

Somehow , when I read (rather quickly though), I felt angrier than I did for the previous incident.

The assailants were brutal ,and most probably, were just randomly choosing their victims. WTF. I seriously worry for everyone out there. Is it no longer safe for people to hang out with their friends?

Read the short article below... I am sure you will hear more about it in days to come.

By Channel NewsAsia, 10/11/2010

HAVE YOUR SAY: Seven youths assaulted in fight at Bukit Panjang

Seven youths assaulted in fight at Bukit Panjang
SINGAPORE: Seven youths, aged between 14 and 20, were assaulted in what was believed to be a gang fight at Bukit Panjang on Monday night, seriously injuring one of them.

Police say the assault first took place at about 10pm at Block 418, Fajar Road -- where a 20-year-old man was beaten up and later hospitalised.

Not long after, the group of attackers rained blows on six others near a basketball court at Jelapang Road -- some 400 metres from the first site.

The group of attackers were said to be yelling gang slogans, such as "369" -- a gang affiliation.

All seven youths were sent to hospital.

Police are investigating.

Residents said there has been a recent spate of youth activities in the area.

"For the past two months, there have been a bunch of kids, youngsters, they are playing skateboard. They make noise all the way through the night, maybe sometimes till 1 to 2am and sometimes to 3 to 4am and we can hear the noise. And there's some motorbikes making noises down there," said a resident.
-- CNA/ac


calvinn said...

Yeah, it's really scary! I live near that place!
Nanged and visited :))