An eventful day!

 I wanted to blog about husby's birthday by last weekend but I was just too lazy to seive through the photos.

Before the story gets too stale, I'd better put it down on record.

Like mentioned earlier, we had promised each other to cut down on birthday expenses and keep it simple this year.

After scrouging around for ideas , I decided on:

1) Marina SAnds Skypark - we could take lots of photos while admiring the claimed picturesque scenery.
2) Lunch @ Hyatt Hotel
3) Kite-Flying @ Marina Barrage

I was very happy with my plan because only the lunch will cost a bit...that meant I could buy more presents! :)

In the end, we had to do without the MS Skypark as our medical appt ended too late.... we just decided to go home and laze till it was time for lunch...

First present for the day

 I wished I could have said I made the card myself

As soon as the  clock showed 11:30 am , we left. I didn't want to be late for lunch although it was supposed to be all the way till 3 pm. 

Here we are! 

Straits Kitchen @ Hyatt Hotel . I initially wanted to go for high tea but they don't serve that so lunch it was. 

That was my fourth time there but I was still in awe of the intricate details in their interior design. First impressions really count - I am sure the hotel shares my sentiments. 

The food served here is buffet-style and more of an Asian Fare - Chinese, Malay and Indian styles. We were more than satisfied with the quality of the food . They were tasty and definitely suitable for our Asian tastebuds. 

Seriously, do come with an empty stomach should you decide to do lunch / dinner here!

To add on to the uniqueness, CHinese food is served with Chinese-designed cutlery and the same goes for the other two groups. The Indian cutlery was really beautiful but I didn't manage to snap any picture of them :(


 Prawn mee. OMG. Beneath that dumpling,
is a HUMONGOUS prawn! YUmmmsss..

 The ice-kacang was fantastic but would have 
been great if I could conjure it up myself,rather 
than be served.

I am failing in my memory but I think the lunch cost about $90 +++  for both . Again , you must secure your place a few days beforehand if you don't want to be turned away at the door. (Tel No: 6732 1234)

After lunch and prayers, we headed towards MArina Barrage. I was driving because he was not supposed to know where we were going. But I have never been to Marina Barrage before so I kept referring to the street directory I had on my lap.... Eventually, he ended up giving me the directions. Super fail!

Our mandatory annual gifts-presentation in 
the car. This happens every year since 
2006!  :P

 The kite-flying activity was a very fun , relaxing and therapeutic event ...especially for a first timer like me! He was obviously rather experienced at it while I got excited, no matter where my kite went to... Haha! I would love to go again.... 

Lunch , 8 presents and kite-flying ...and we were still not done for the day!

Hehe... My husby and mum share the same birthday so we headed straight for the family's mini-celebration :)

It was an enjoyable 13th November for me .... hahhaa... I hope he enjoyed it too ! :)

Till the next birthday , baby .......