To Pontian!

And I am off to Pontian tomorrow.

There is a wedding on his side and we are setting off at (GULP) 7am!

Oh man....if there is no traffic jam and all, we will probably reach the place at 9am. That is really early for a wedding reception that starts at noon.....

On one hand, I am glad to be out of Singapore ...even if it is just for a tiny while.

On the other hand, I seriously do not fancy sitting in the passenger'seat throughout. Since he is driving, I have to stay awake and chat with him so that ..

1) he will not fall asleep. Long drives can make one sleepy!
2) He does not speed or drive recklessly. Somehow, Spore drivers tend to be less careful when they are in Malaysia. TSk tsk!

But I've never liked long journeys in cars. If I am in the back seat , I would just sleep and before I know it, we would have reached our destination. I sleep because otherwise, I will get a massive headache or feel a puking.

Yes, a very bad case of motion sickness.

Thus, I must make sure I buy some sour plums and sour skittles to keep me awake/not-giddy on the journey tomorrow.

HOpe it will be a fun day!