Carousel in Wonderland!

It was another afternoon at Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts.

Seriously, I should get a VIP discount card or something... hehe... I've lost count how many times I have been there.

It was a good day for bestie and I to meet up and catch up on each other's life.  Bestie wanted to go for high tea and we like that place, anyway!

The hotel has done up the place for Christmas, I suppose, and they have taken on the theme inspired by "Alice in Wonderland". Very pretty!

 I love the little details on the decorations

 That's bestie getting the guy's number... NOT! :P

The features at the entrance were unique and
captivating that bestie had to drag me away 
from them...

When we finally got in , I was (as usual), eager to start filling up my stomach. I was pretty hungry then as I purposely skipped breakfast and lunch..... hehhehe.... so that I can make my money worthwhile!

That was the view from where I sat. I wished 
we had a private / corner table though. We were 
right smacked in the middle of nowhere!

After talking a bit and making ourselves comfortable, it was FOOD TIME!!!!!

I really ate a lot that day. The food tasted soooooo good... but I think it was more because my stomach was very empty (this is not good though if you are looking after your weight).

I was definitely satisfied :)

Since it was a weekday , the meal costs lower than my previous time with husby. And if you have a Citibank or DBS/POSB credit/debit card, you get an additional 15% off!

In the end, we only paid $64 , inclusive of tax and service charges. It is really worth it to go on a weekday.

Anyway, high tea starts at 3:30 pm but be sure to book in advance ! 6589 7799

I wanna try Furamas and Fairmount's high teas next!