Ever since IKEA and Courts Megastore open in the east, we have been regular visitors. We always seem to have something to buy from IKEA  - that explains the house being more and more filled up over time.  Sometimes, it is just to sight-see and plan the next purchase .

A problem was always the runmbling stomachs. After much walking around, we naturally would look for food for the tum-tum.... but back then , there was only the IKEA 'food-court' and only one stall serves 'halal' food. ...

I know beggars can't be choosers but the food served is not very appetising.... I would always drool over food from the other stalls :P

But hey , now there is BOX BISTRO at Courts! Halal-certified!

We have heard very mixed reviews about the food here so the other day , we decided to explore them ourselves.

I love colours so this is definitely something in my favour!

Ok, we were pretty dumb here... I thought that was all on the menu. No drinks, no desserts.... until the waiter told us to turn it over. He must have sensed my dumbness :P

Since I ALWAYS get something spicy, I thought why not have a change? Decided on the Seafood Aglio while he ordered the Meatballs Spaghetti.

The service was pretty slow although we were only the third set of customers there. I practically finished half my glass of juice whilst waiting. Tsk Tsk...

This was a terribly bad choice (for me, at least). I found it oily and so bland that I just wanted to finish it up quickly so that I would not have to eat it anymore. Didn't want to waste money by abandoning it, see. BUt husby said it was alright so it could just be me who  prefer spicy food. (Don't take my words for it , then, if you can stomach non-spicy food)
I shamelessly wanted to exchange my dish with his. This was pretty good, the meatballs were of the almost perfect texture and the tangy tomato sauce with bits of chilli flakes made it better! But of course I didn't ask for a swtich... just had a bite and dreamt about it later!

And yes! Parents with kids can leave their kids here to enjoy your meals! ( of course, after your kids have had theirs...) The indoor playground has inviting and vibrant colours, and we've kinda checked it out, in case we wanna bring the nephew. Clean and safe :)

Although the food is not fantastic, it is not bad (definitely better than IKEA's!) and very reasonably-priced. So whenever you feel hungry when at Courts (or Ikea and Giant which are just nearby), at least , you have another option .