The very first musical I watched with my husby back in 2004 (we were just friends then) was ALADDDIN by WILD RICE PRODUCTION.

And since then , we have been to more than a few musicals and plays. I am glad I found a partner for this. Never had friends who have the same interest.  My favourite musical would definitely be "Phantom of the Opera" and favourite play would be "Those who can't -TEACH!"

Now , there is an upcoming musical by WILD RICE again that I really wish to catch...

Poor Cindy lives in a crowded HDB flat with her Evil Casino-Obsessed Step-Mother and two Ugly Step-Sisters, Precious and Treasure. All she dreams about is going to The Grand Fish Ball where Prince Char Mee will choose a bride. Fairy God Makcik appears, and Cindy is transformed from “no taste” to “fashion ace” and off to The Ball she goes! But will the Prince recognise her? Will the shoe fit? And will true love find a way?

With an imaginative local spin on the world's favourite fairy-tale, CINDEREL-LAH!, W!LD RICE’s very first musical pantomime is BACK, revamped and upsized especially for the Esp-LAH-nade!!

AARRRRRGGGGHHHH! I really want to go ... but I need to seriously convince husby. He is not so keen on it because apparantly, he prefers the original cast.

How how? Cheat him - just buy tickets and force him to go?  Hahaa.....

You can check out SISTIC for more information.

Ok , time to plan!