No MondaY BLues!

 I woke up this morning and hey, NO MONDAY BLUES!

Why ah? It has been so long since I feel kinda carefree on a MOnday morning.

Ok, not that I do not have work to do....

I had to report for duty in the morning but it was just for a short while, 8 - 9:30 am.

After that , I was FREE FREE FREE! Happy like bird! Haha.... is there such a simile?

However, hubby was still at work although he is supposed to knock off earlier than usual . BUt all the better, I could go shopping for his presents.

Now , that is another headache. His birthday is this Saturday and we have made a pact. All our past birthdays have been rather costly it in terms of celebrations or presents.

So this year, we agreed on a budget for each other. $500 NETT. It was quite stressful to think of how to do it with just that amount. I begged him to extend it a bit .... you know, lunch/dinner will cost a lot.

He said , $550 max. Oh well, better than nothing.

Thus, now I am doing some budgeting. I am quite determined to spend lower than that. I can do it!

Furthermore, mummy's birthday is on the same date so I have to spend for one more person. All the more reason I should do careful budgeting, right?