Meeting up with Aly @ Bali Thai

Back in junior college, I got close to 2 girls.

We ended up being best buddies throughout the JC years. When u see one, the other two will always be somewhere behind. Always together.

We managed to keep up the closeness of the friendship throughout the university years and also , as we stepped into the early years of our working life.

Unfortunately , along the way, one fell out. Tried as we might, she obviously doesn't want to have anything to do with us anymore Very sad....I was rather affected for a long time. But now, I have accepted it as part and parcel of life.It is better to treasure what you have than hoping for something that you don't possess.

Thus, I was really excited to meet up with Alyson after almost eight months of not seeing her.

She felt like having Thai food so we went to Bali Thai @ Tampines Mall!

I was really wondering why the place was very empty although it was lunchtime on Sunday. Every other food place @ TM was pretty packed. And I remember that the food here  is quite good..... hmmm..I wonder why.....

I was trying to take the pic of the frame on the wall. From where I was sitting, it was quite tough not to have Aly in the picture as well. She was very shy and pretended to be looking else where ! Tsk!

We decided to go with the set lunch. I think it was about $15 (before GST)  for a set of side dish, main course and dessert (but not allowed to choose the dessert.Whatever they give, eat! )

 Her mango salad. Bali Thai's mango salad is always
just nice. Sour enough for the tastebuds but not 
overwhelming to the extent of cringing at every bite.

She ordered the Tom Yum noodles.  I would say
it was just okay. Nothing fantastic. I think Secret 
Recipe serves a better one.

I cannot remember the exact name of the dish.
It had a Tom Yum base - with fried vermicelli . 
Not bad... would be better if it is more spicy
(hmmm....I thought Tom Yum is supposed to be 
spicy? How come this is not?).

This was delicious! Fish fritters...very crispy on
the outside , super soft on the inside. It tastes 
even better with the THai chilli sauce.

Dessert was tapioca with coconut milk. I would
not order this if I had a choice. I only managed
2 out of 5 pieces. It was alright,I suppose...
the coconut milk helps A LOT.

I suppose I was slightly disappointed with the standard of the food that day. I have eaten at Bali Thai before and the food definitely tasted better before. 

Hmmm..... I hope they are not trying to cut costs.... and I really hope they are actually doing well enough and will not close down. I like the TM branch :)

4 Tampines Central 5
6787 1500


Calvin Ong said...

The fish fritters looks GOOD! Would love to try!

FairyQueen said...

Calvin> U should!!! :)