It is that time of the year!!!

Marking Time !!!! It's the Mid-Year Exams period and my subject papers are in.

Oh Gosh... I am still struggling with one pile. And I have another 9 piles , waiting patiently for their turn.

Would anyone like to offer help?

It is no surprise that we will have to sacrifice the weekend (again).


A Sec 1 student wrote this in his essay : " Luckily he saw two policemen a donut."

Now , tell me ... should I laugh or bang my  his head?


Kelvin said...

Just mark all cross haha XD

jfook said...

LOL. Give them 100 marks.

FQ said...

Kelvin>> I wish I can do that ! Make life so much easier , right ? :P

jfook>> I'll either get a promotion or get fired after that. haha!