It's BBQ, not Barbeque!

This has become one of our favourite eating places.

We managed to end work earlier a couple of days back and decided to have an early dinner. In fact, it was very early . I think it was just slightly before 5pm. As it was not the peak hour yet, the place was rather empty - which was good. I hate crowded places :P

We went to the branch in Downtown East. I particularly like this branch because it is just oh-so-colourful. The seats come in four different colours; bright orange, lime green, brown and fuschia pink. Guess which is my favourite?

The pink sofas are really comfortable. I love the contrast against the black padded walls.

So what do they serve here?

Chicken. Yup. It's Korean BBQ Chicken thus practically, all the dishes involve chicken fried, charboiled or grilled - of distinct flavours of Korea. All of the food are also prepared with olive oil so it's a much healthier choice (and if you have read one of my earlier posts, I adore olive oil!).

I like customized bottles of sauces, as compared
to using the generic labels.

His starter - Mushroom Soup. It was not bad. Not too creamy
and there were extra bits of mushroom which made the soup
tastier .

Chilli Wings - these were not necessary actually. But we
had them during our last visit and they were 'slurp-ily'
delicious. We just had to eat them again!

For all the jerks in the world, here's a dish named after
you- JERK BBQ . Lol....  It is one of my favourite dishes
 though :)

But I had the Hot Hot Drums for the day. Spicy yet sweet
at the same time. The fries were good too! I just didn't
 really like the mashed potato - the texture was kinda

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep away from chicken skin! I tend to put them aside whenever I eat chicken.

It looks like an entirely new dish ,eh?

I didn't take anymore pictures because I was too busy enjoying the food and later, too full to do anything.

Everything cost about $55 so I guess, that's pretty reasonable for a meal for two.

They have other branches too :
- Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
- West Coast Plaza
- Northpoint
- Tampines One Mall

If you ever go there, hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)


J2Kfm (Malaysian Food Blog) said...

I have always been enticed by their 100% olive oil tagline, no matter if it's true or otherwise.
Lessen the guilt, I supposed!

FairyQueen said...

j2Kfm> Sometimes, I wonder if it is all a gimmick! :P

ulricng said...

awesome your banner :)
singapore rulez :)

FairyQueen said...

ulricng> awesome? Wow! Thanks :P LOve ur patriotism :)