My Happy Sister.....with her MIU MIU

I was up to the neck with marking when my sister texted me. Again and again . And again.

She asked if I wanted to accompany her to get her desired item that she has spent months dreaming about.

I was in two minds... one, because I was still swarmed with loads of work and impending deadlines. Two, my cousin was already going with her so I thought that was enough.

But then, I couldn't focus on work anymore because it was such a long and tiring day ... so I decided, ok , I shall go!

Yeah... so a quick 'chop chop' make-up touch up and I was soon by the road , hailing a cab (actually just to the interchange to switch to train but was just too lazy to take the bus ...) .

Finally met the sis at Paragon and off we went into Miu Miu.

Well, I don't normally enter such designer boutiques because of their closed-door policies. It can be daunting unless you really intend to purchase something . I think in my whole entire life, I've only done so ...ermmm... nine times? Hehe.... But sis was definitely purchasing so in we went!

She bought. With a cheesy grin on her face.

After that , she went a bit delirious ah . As someone who is naturally loud, she became LOUDER..and she spouted some nonsense out loud (I've been sworn to secrecy so lips are sealed). It was quite cute actually , the way she just could not contain her excitement..... Well, can't blame her since she has been waiting for the item to reach the stores for quite some time...

We only managed to take photos during the cab ride home. I had to do something to distract myself (I ALWAYS get dizzy in cabs. Which is why I just prefer driving...).... thus, the photos were not well-taken , with all the bumps and humps :P

That pretty pink bag....

In which there was a box, just as sweet ...

TADAH!!!! The one we braved the rain for.... heh..

AH??? Lawa lah tu !

Ok , this one lawa.... (the wallet, I mean)

I know the photos suck big was really difficult to control the camera when you 're 'thrown around' in the cab.

Enjoy your new darling, sister..... Looking forward to its accompaniment come May 29th :)