Darn Starhub !

I have not been able to blog because there has been such a cock-up with the Starhub network.

It is perfectly fine to surf on the home PC but the the wireless network just doesn't work! Which means I am not able to use my laptop as I always do.

And it is just so weird when you try to blog  using a PC that is not yours. Everything , including the keyboard, feels just so different! It just shuts down any mood I might have... :(

We called up Starhub on Monday and Wednesday ...and their answers are still the same ," We will look into the matter - there is something wrong with the wireless port."

You need more than five days to look into the matter ? Sigh. Talk about inefficiency .

(Ok lah ...maybe Singaporeans are super pampered - everything also want to be done fast)

Is anyone else facing the same problem? Should I switch provider? This is the sixth day - I am losing my patience!

I hope to get back into the mood to blog over this weekend - even if it means to type on this hard , black keyboard .

I miss u , my darling lappy......

When will I feel you again........


Iqah said...

Along, the problem is always on our end and not theirs. They will never admit it. Bunch of liars they are! You need to keep calling them everyday. That's what I do whenever the internet connection is down!

Don't need to switch la. Singnet is also the same. If not, worse!