Shopping @ Orchard

It was a public holiday and I've made plans to go out with sister and cousins.

But I had a late night the day before and ended up meeting them late (and wasting $22 on cab fare!Grrrrrr....)

Basically, it was shopping down Orchard Road for my sister and cousins.

AMAZINGLY, I bought NOTHING  throughout my 5 hours there. Not that there wasn't anything that caught my fancy.

Ok, in LV- nothing caught my eye. Some are ok  ( like the checkered Speedy) , but I have never been a fan of LV and some of their designs are really ugly! Cousin and I were giggling over them.  But luckily, the one sis got was fine :)

My sister with her huge-ass pucharse
It was quite a traffic obstruction :)

There were some pretty stuffs in Coach and I like the wristlets the two cuzzies bought . I was browsing through the handbags..  the new collection is rather chic but there was nothing that shouted ," BUY ME! I AM YOUR SOULMATE!" And so I let it go....

However, I found something I really like in Kate Spade ( I am a BIG fan of Kate Spade, btw). Very modern , very chic, very colourful. Very much of my taste. I was considering doing an impulse buy when........ I seemed to see my husby's face in front of me and his voice beckoning,"Are you sure you need a $400 bag when there is rarely a need? Do you? DO YOU?"

So I put it back. LOL. Yes, my husby has that much power over me. Bless him :)

I found two pairs of shoes in Takashimaya that I felt I really should get them (what? shoes again???? But shoes are ok ... Husby would understand...) . Unfortunately, both did not come in my size anymore. Blame myself for having such small feet! By this time, I was convinced that I would go home empty-handed. Even when the rest were grabbing the promotions on perfumes, I remained unmoved.

But that is not so bad lah..... It felt good actually, to think that I could restrain myself from all the goodies ~ I think this was a first!

This is cute! It looks as if they are peddling their wares :P

We had our super late lunch at ION Swensens. Place is cosy , desserts buffet looked tantalizing (but I doubt I would ever go for that), food is alright ... but the service sucks big time! I was in 'awe' at the low level of service ..and mind you , I am one of the nicest and most patient customers around. Hee...

But I did not go home empty-handed afterall. I made a mini-purchase on my way home at The FaceShop.

I have always wanted to try out the white-liner effect.
I know, so s-l-o-w :P

The evening was spent at Manhattan Fish Market for a dinner, followed by a double date with Shrek and Fiona (initial plan with friends was cancelled).

I had a rather well-spent Vesak Day holiday. I hope you guys did too ! :)


ohmywtf said...


jfook said...

Wow, bought so many branded stuffs. Cool..I don't own any designer brands..

FairyQueen said...

ohmywtf> Ok , no comments!Heehee.... :P
jfook> errr...take note, none is mine :)

Mas said...

Psssstttttt....I've started using my LV.. hehe.. great feeling! ;-)

FairyQueen said...

mas>> I know, Mak bilang! Melaram ah minah ni.... :P