No one loves a child more than a mother.

That is very apt for my lovely mum. The way she loves us cannot be described in mere words. I will never be able to repay her for all the love and attention she has showered upon us and the sacrifices she has done for the family.  Thank you , mum. You are the pillar that holds the family together :)

Sometimes , I wish I can go back to the time when I was
the ONLY apple of her eye! Hehee......

On Graduation Day - donkey years ago! :P

On my surprise Bday celabration in 2007. With my
favourite people - mum, best friend and the then-fiance.

My greatest joy! (Montel, you are not in this picture
but you know how much I love you!)

Sky Luge @ Sentosa

She is really game for anything!

Thank you for everything,mummy. Love you many many! :)


Iqah said...

Awesome post!

Along, I keep checking your stats everyday. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

FairyQueen said...

Iqah> LoL! Yang awak check tu apasal? But it's quite exciting eh...slow but steady :P