What a good way to start the day!

The first thing I saw when I switched on the lappy today (@yahoo) was this headline :

Civil servants to get 0.5 month mid—year bonus plus S$300 in July

We didn't get any last year and although the economy seems to be picking up , I don't dare to place much hope.

Alhamdulillah (thanks to God) , I welcome this with huge, open arms ! :P

Now  let's plan. What are the possible ways to spend the bonus?

1) shoes
2) invest in a bag
3) clothes
4) treat family
5) pay bills
6) save the moolah

Hmmmm..... I have a feeling it is just going to be No 5 and 6.

Really!!!! I can do that . I have done it before ! :P

Anyway, full article here.