Retail Therapy required

I badly need to go shopping!

I am feeling lerthagic, sleepy, moody at times, happy at other times, hungry all the time......

This is probably a product of stress - therefore, I need to de-stress!

What better way is there than to browse through the racks of clothes, try and buy ...on to the shoes, try and buy.....accessories...shawls....

Oh oh . The list seems to know no end.

But I shall focus and prioritise.

I need pants.

Where can I get nice straight-cut and bottom-flared (something like bell-bottoms but not too flare)  pants?

I find it difficult to get the perfect pants lately.

Any recommendation is greatly appreciated! :)


ohmywtf said...

haha..u meant palazzo pants? not easy to find...most of my client custom made them

FairyQueen said...

so that's what it is called ? hehe.... I hope I don't have to go to that extent of custom-making them