That perfect shopping partner :)

A month back , I received an SMS each from ESPRIT and Bodyshop.

"Dear Esprit member, your card expires on 30 April 10. Total purchases to date :$***. To qualify for renewal, ,members need to spend a min. of $600 before the expiry date."


"Dear Body Shop member, you need to spend another $100 for an automatic renewal of your membership which is expiring on 30 April 2010."

The right thing to do is , of course, to just ignore the messages. I mean , if we were to respond to all the adverts/texts that we receive, we will probably be broke in no time at all. I knew I had to replenish some of my shower gels but I doubted that would rake up $100. As for Esprit, I rarely buy things there unless the bags are really nice or I get birthday gifts for friends. Their clothes are just way over-priced, I feel. For example, I saw this really cute shirtdress - simple , very simple. And that costs a whopping $80! (For those who know me, I would not spend THAT Much on a simple dress).

But then , that's where the dearest husby comes in ! :P  We were from my parents' place last Friday when I told him I just wanted to get some stuffs from Bodyshop. I told him about the expiry date of my card and casually asked if he wanted anything. Of course , he joined in the bandwagon :)

My humble loot

With his... Just nice - $103

You know how stores will try to entice customer to reach a
 certain buying value and then you get free gifts? Hehe... I
am a sucker for that . The above were the free gifts...the
 make-up pouch is just in time. My Clinique pouch needs
a replacement badly!

While waiting for his phone to be G-masked, we went into Esprit. I could not really think of anything to buy because I am not interested in bags at the moment ( wahhhhhh!!!! Clap hands for me!) . In the end, the husby bought a bag for himself and a chiffon bohemian top for me !


See? I told you husby is my best shopping partner :) :) :)