Birthday Parties!

I just love attending birthday parties.

No, NOT adults' birthday parties ... not those with loud-music-booming-in-your-ears types either. I attended 3 such ones before, that left me rather deaf at the end of the event.  I promised myself never to attend such functions again.

Hehe... I know I may sound weird but I just love parties for kids!

I am sure it is a known fact that when it comes to the childrens' birthday parties, the parents are the ones who get extremely excited. All the kids know is that they get to blow the birthday candles (and they really enjoy this !!!) and play with the other kids. Oh , and of course the mountainous presents!

I have seen friends, cousins and my sister fretting for weeks , or even months, planning for their kids' parties. It is cute and I am sure it is fun. I wonder if I will do the same in future.... I think I will. I love planning such stuffs!

Some pics from my cousin's and nephew's parties last year...

We are celebrating another two cousins' birthdays tomorrow. These siblings and family are, I would say, one of my closest and lovable relatives. I love ALL four siblings very much.

Birthday gal for tomorrow !

I am such a young at heart!!! Hehe... Well, that is the way to stay youthful, isn't it?

I am really in high spirits now that the weekend is here. I just wish it will last....Fat hopes, I know!

But I shall forget that Monday exists :) ...


k0k s3n w4i said...

i only had one bday party when i was a kid, and i dun remember anything about it at all.

now that i'm all grown up, i stopped my facebook account from telling ppl it's my bday and told people who remembered to wish me to not tell others... i had a few surprise bday parties, and i can't say i like the concept :/

FairyQueen said...

ksw> Hi! I guess to each his own. It doesn't matter how one celebrates / don't celebrate long as one is happy. As for me, it is just another good reason for a fun family gathering :) . Cheers!

Ken Wooi said...

i rarely celebrate my bday in a huge way as well.. just dinner and outing =)