Do I lead a boring life?

Is my life a mundane one?

Sometimes I wonder if I lead a boring life. Maybe some think it must be really THAT boring to have me wondering if it is boring...err.... geddit?

I feel that everytime Monday starts, I will be quite re-charged for work and all but once Monday ends, I look forward to FRiday again. Just because that means the end of work-week. Everyday is packed with lesson preparations, markings, admin work, CCA, meetings etc etc ....Too routined??

At times I am too tired to even think of dinner. I just want to sleep!!!

This does not include the types of students' behaviour we face each day. It can really be blood-sucking and energy-sapping ! I just blasted off 2 students this week for utmost irresponsibility...

Saturdays are spent doing housework (since I don't have much time and energy to carry it out on weekdays) and probably a short outing in the evening while Sunday mornings are spent at the in-laws usually, a bit of exercise time in the afternoon and then panic for Monday! hehe....

Same old , same old..... sounds mundane?

But looking on the brighter side, at least I don't have a desk-bound office job (I don't think I can survive with one!). I get to interact with the youngsters and be young at heart :) . Most students are actually very likeable .

Some of my favourite moments with the students

I also have a pretty cubicle to work in :) This cheers me up each time I come back from class.
[Desk makeover]

Messy Desk

On top of that, I have crazy and fun colleagues who are always there with their funny antics whenever I need a break from all the work. I have my lovely nephew and family whom I visit at least 3 times a week (yes, that many!) because I just miss them ....

My wacky neighbour

I have never been a party person so don't even consider that.

Husby will do random things at random times sometimes... like fetching me from work and suddenly wanting to go to the beach , buy me small little things, going to the movies, bringing me on a sudden shopping trip (yeahness!) and others.

Plus, it is always fun spending time with him at home. We joke, we squabble (never quarrel... no time for this! haha...) , we blame and nag at each other over whose fault it was not to switch off the lights...and we dance!!! Hip hop, salsa, Malay, theatrical, ballet ... we have tried all! But of course, with lots of jest and laughter!

And since both of us are teachers, we don't have to fret over planning our leave and having to compromise our time. Simply because when it is a busy period for teachers, we get busy together so there is no space for either party to feel left-out or such.

Yep, I am a very family person. And as long as I am with my family , I am happy :)

Despite what people may say , I do think my life is spicy enough- and definitely full of love!

Grateful and appreciative for all that has been given .

Going for high tea later...cannot wait to gorge myself silly! :) I will take pictures and post them up!

Have a gd weekend, y'all!


P/S: Ok , above entry is triggered by an incident which I shall not dwell upon. Pardon me if any part seems senseless ...


v!vi@n said...

OMG@!! i love your so call messy tidy la..and also so pinky..i love..