If we could get married again......

There is a Malay wedding going on at the multi-purpose hall near my place. And it's decked in my favourite colours - fushcia pink, black and a touch of white.

It just brings back extremely fond memories of our own wedding.

I never really blog about our wedding and I actually took a long break from blogging ever since we got hitched.  So now, I am going to self-indulge and put up some of my favourite "I Do" photos :)

The Solemnization

The Wedding

Studio + Outdoor Shots

I would say I miss getting married! The planning, preparation and execution are something that I don't mind going through all over again , it was so much fun! (Of course, I do not mean that I wish to get married again.... ).

As we really enjoyed ourselves on all 3 days, I seriously did not feel tired at all . Really! Weddings should be fun! :P

But we both agree that what we miss most is our then still-slim figures. Sigh. I can't believe how much we have expanded in just a short while. ..

Ok, no dinner today. Must diet!


k0k s3n w4i said...

married d so no longer need to look attractive, haha. u can do what some westerners do when they renew their vows and throw something similar to wedding ceremony :P

JadyCloud said...

wow... interesting and yet very westernize.

FairyQueen said...

ksw (hope u dun mind me 'calling' u that) >> yeah .. gd idea. But I dun think we wld ever do that. Heehee... BUt after marriage, still must look attractive lah! :P

Jady> thanks! Yup, I like it too :)

Ken Wooi said...

sweet =)