I am never much of a cook. In fact, I rarely cooked until I got married.

After marriage, I was feeling very 'gung-ho' about becoming a good wife, always cooking for the husby.

So there I was, learning everything I could from cookbooks and definitely , the mum through the phone. Fortunately for me, my husby cooks rather well. Thus, I picked up many valuable tips from him :)

But it is not easy. Not easy to have a career and still cooks for every dinner. (Weekends not counted!)

I am so drained after work on certain days that the last thing on my mind is food, what's more to cook for dinner.

And so, on those certain days, I play cheat!

I use the instant paste to cook...heehee.... It doesn't happen all the time, ya! Most of the time, I still like to cook from scratch and grind the ingredients myself. It just taste better that way.

But when I have no choice, I'd pick the Maggi / Knorr instant paste.

However , the other day, I came across the brand Woh Hup in the NTUC, and decided to give it a try!

Yup, gonna try Ginger Chicken.

What you need:

Chicken meat , diced into bite-sized. Well, I just
 bought those chicken fillets at NTUC and
cut them up :)

Baby Corn

Sweet peas, each cut into half .

I wanted to add carrots but the carrot we bought weeks ago was no longer fit for consumption :P . Basically, I think you can throw in anything you want for this dish ..

Oh , I like my food hot and spicy so I added chillies !

 It wasn't in the 'manual' though.

Ok, so here it is done.

1) Marinate the chicken pieces with the sauce from the packet and let it set for 30 mins.

2) After the 30 minutes are up, heat some oil in wok and fry the chicken.

Add some water

3) Once chicken is almost cooked, put in all ur veges and then the chillies.




Ok, my take :
The whole dish is too pale for my liking. I should definitely have added carrots.

It is a little bland. Maybe it is aimed for healthy cooking... I think I should have added more cili padi and pepper :P

I still prefer Maggi brand but hey , when you have no time , what's there to complain? At least, it is very edible :)

So, there u go ...   An extremely simple home-cooked dish!


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