Don't you hate being sick?

I was looking forward to this weekend as Monday is a school holiday (Youth Day Holiday).

But what bad timing to get sick!

I was already 3/4 through losing my voice yesterday morning so most lessons were carried out without talking. How did I do that ?

By writing instructions, very specific instructions, on the whiteboard. Yeah , with these kiddos, I have to be totally explicit if I want them to be able to do things independently. And of course, a little bribery works wonders sometimes:)

Sesame Street Cookies for Youth Day

By night time, I was already runnning a fever and having a bad cold. Coupled with the fact that I still had to work on a Saturday morning til abt 1pm - it just makes things worse. I felt chilly all the time but must act tough lah - can't crumble before the students!

Thus, I doubt if I can do much / go out over this long weekend ... forsee myself sleeping and stoning - because even when I am not sleeping , I cannot exactly focus and do work.

Husby has been great ... doing all the housework and cooking dinner for the sick queen... :) Thou shall be rewarded...

Time for dancingsick fairy queen to eat her meds and go to bed ...

NItes, all!