Hmmmm..... have you ever felt like blogging but when your fingers are on the keyboard, suddenly you have zero inspiration?

I just experienced that a few minutes ago. I was itching to update my blog but ended up staring into space.

Then, I felt like talking about my dreams.... mostly the unfulfilled ones.

1) I have always wanted to be a professional dancer.

I remember I've had a great sense of rhythm and tempo ever since I was a small kid. I could easily follow the dance steps (as in the proper dances , not those Barney-like ones..) shown on the children's TV programmes. My late grandfather used to scold me for always blocking the TV  :)

I wanted to join Malay Dance in primary school but my parents were deadly against it. Thus, I spent my spare time reading books on dance or getting my fix from the TV ...yeah , too bad there was no Internet and Youtube then. When I entered Secondary 2,  I secretly joined the dance club.

My parents found out eventually but they were pretty cool with it... so this continued till JC. Once I entered NUS, there was no way I could continue my passion  except for the Salsa and Hip Hop dance classes which I enrolled in the past years or so.

So yeah ...there goes my hope to be a professional dancer someday. Luckily, husby is just as crazy about dancing so we dance a lot in the house , 'professionally' or otherwise. :P

2) Making others pretty!

Sometime when I was in primary three, I started to have interest in make-up and cosmetics. I know, that is a very young age for such stuff. But I loved watching my auntie put on make up whenever she was going out at night. If she took 2 hrs, I would be watching for 2 hrs!

Whenever we went to close relatives' weddings, while other kids were playing, I would try my very best to peek at the bride being dolled up. I borrowed my first thick book on make-up from Bedok Library when I was twelve. It was by Bobbi Brown ... and I think I renewed the loan thrice!

When I started teaching and was put in charge of dance, I picked up new skills such as understanding stage lights, techniques of stage make-up and special effects. I am still honing my skills at the moment and would sometimes try upon myself when I am alone at home.

I wish I can take up proper certification in this field and pursue my immense passion. But at the moment, a dream it is.

3) All-Expenses-Paid Holiday to Europe!

It has been a super-far-stretched wish that I could bring my whole family (5 of us) to Europe for a holiday. I thought that once I started working, I would be able to save enough after a few years. Unfortunately,  circumstances did not allow that to happen . Now that the family has expanded to 8 (husby, bro-in-law and nephew), I know this will not materialise.

Maybe , just parents would still be possible.

4) I would like to live in a very high-tech condo unit, where everything is controlled by just a remote control

AND I am not the one in charge of the maintenance!


I wanted to be taller... I wonder how it is like to be looking at things from a greater height.... However, this one , CONFIRMED , will happen only in my dreams. I have learnt to accept that good things come in small packages  :)

I know people say that it is up to us to make our dreams come true. Idealistic, indeed.

 But it's alright!!! I am happy with life... alhamdulillah...

Do YOU have any unfulfilled dreams?


Mas said...

I didn't know u had that Europe saving plans .. That's so sweet!! Hmmm u can always join me during one of my training weeks.. It'll be great to have a shopping partner.. Can can?? ;-)

FairyQueen said...
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FairyQueen said...

Mas>> Now then u know I am sweet? hahaha... well, but that is an unfulfilled dream lah. Join u? Not in the shopping ah.. consultant can..